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Sanitary Pumps

At Global Source Solutions, we are proud to represent some of the best sanitary diaphragm pump manufacturers in the Food production industry today.  Our pumps are used to transfer viscous products, shear sensitive products, solids in a liquid media and fluid products containing delicate particles such as peach slices, raspberries and cherries.  Additionally, we offer Unloading Systems that empty viscous concentrates and other ingredients such as fat free fruit fillings, tomato paste, peanut butter and other  difficult to handle ingredients from drums, totes and mixing bowls as part of a production process.

The following items are a selection of products available through Global Source Solutions Inc.:

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PI-50 Sanitary Pump

The PI-50 Sanitary Pump  is the only diaphragm pump specifically designed to meet the special requirements of the sanitary industry.

Key Benefits
  • High efficiency oil free air valve, maintenance free ball check system or flap check valve and total visual inspection of all wetted parts, give the user safe and efficient transfer of foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • USDA listed, FDA approved
  • the PI 50 Series is manufactured to meet general 3-A standards.

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PI-50 Poultry Processing Pump

The PI-50 Poultry Processing Pump is the only sanitary diaphragm pump specifically designed with the needs of the poultry industry in mind. This pump can easily handle solids up to 6" (15 cm) in diameter or 7" (17 cm) long without damaging the product; suitable for pumping necks, gizzards, livers, hearts, feet, blood, or any other application in a poultry processing plant. The PI-50 Poultry Processing Pump  is FDA approved and USDA Meat & Poultry listed.

cbtu50.jpg (21591 bytes)  
CBTU -50 Transfer Unit

The CBTU-50 Transfer Unit is designed to pump directly from your vacuum tumbler discharge to your IQF, frying lines, or breading tumbler.  For the first time you can pump chicken tenders, fillets, or disjointed wings without damage at a rate of 10,000 pounds an hour, at a distance of us to 100 feet.

Key Benefits
  • Increased yields and production, reduce labor costs and reduce sanitation costs without compromising the integrity of your product

dus50[1].jpg (19031 bytes)  
DUS-50 Drum Unloading System

The DUS-50 Drum Unloading System is the ultimate solution for emptying the most viscous materials from 55-gallon drums or containers of any shape.

Key Benefits
  • When used in applications, which no pump alone could handle, the system empties the containers quickly and cleanly without adding any pressure to the product or the container
  • USDA listed, FDA approved

tus50[1].jpg (27421 bytes)  
TUS-50 Bin Unloading System

The TUS-50 Bin Unloading System is the ideal solution for emptying up to 300 gallon containers of highly viscous, and/or heavy materials, applications which no pump alone can handle. This system quickly empties and cleans TOMATO PASTE containers without putting any pressure on the product or the container.

Key Benefits
  • Empties 300 gallons of the heaviest and most viscous products, such as 33 Brix Tomato Paste in less than 12 minutes without adding any water, offering perfect control of the Tomato Paste Unloading
  • Completely sanitary, hands-off method of bin unloading
  • USDA listed, 3A Components
  • Unit is offered with optional metering capabilities
  • Customize the unit to the shape of your containers

  kus50.gif (95687 bytes)
KUS-50 Mixing Bowl Unloading Unit

The KUS-50 Mixing Bowl Unloading Unit is the ultimate solution for unloading contoured mixing bowls. This system will unload viscous icings, batters and fillings with delicate solids up to 3 quickly and cleanly with no change in consistency on most products.  The system conforms to FDA requirements and incorporates the USDA listed PI-50.
Key Benefits
  • Increase Production
  • Reduce Labor And Sanitation Costs
  • Completely Safe
  • Oil Free
  • No Mechanical Seals
  • No Product Contamination

 turbo.jpg (164197 bytes)
Turbo Systems

The entire range of Turbo Systems products are engineered in food-quality stainless steel which reflects the highest standards of hygiene and reliability. Turbo depositors are designed to handle the widest possible variety of mixtures, for depositing in an equally wide variety of receptacles. The machines have the capability to deposit high and low temperature fillings, stiff consistencies, thin liquids, those containing irregular particles, in fact virtually any mixture in use within the Food Industry.

Key Benefits
  • Universal Depositors

  • Precise amounts of liquids or semi-solids placed accurately and speedily, for a wide variety of applications

  • Meeting Industry needs in hygiene and safety

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