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PI-50 Sanitary Pump

The PI-50 DL is the only diaphragm pump specifically designed to meet the special requirements of the sanitary industry. High efficiency oil-free valve, maintenance free ball check system or flap check valve and total inspection of all wetted parts give the user safe and efficient transfer of foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The system is FDA listed and USDA approved.  Please click here for a short video presentation of the PI-50 in service (2 MB).

Key Benefits:
  • Self-priming up to 24 feet
  • No costly drives or special motors are required.
  • No mechanical seals to replace
  • Light in weight, 94 lbs it can be easily moved to applications
  •  Run dry without damage
  • Fewer parts than other available pumps
  • For both portable and permanent installations
  • Infinitely variable flow control
  • Solids up to 6 (15 cm)
  • Abrasives
  • Shear sensitive fluids
  • Viscosities up to 150,000 CP
Industries Serviced Applications
Dairy Cottage cheese, ice Cream, yoghurt, ice cream toppings
Food Tomato paste, sauce, soups, relish, catsup, pineapple chunks, barbeque sauce, salad dressing, mustard, mayonnaise, pie fillings
Meat & Poultry Ground beef, chicken, livers, gizzards, chicken tenders, wings
Beverage Frozen orange juice concentrates, fruit juice concentrates
Egg Processing Whole eggs

Click here to watch the video of the PI-50 in service

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