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Global Source Solutions Inc. services a variety of markets, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for several market sectors..  Please contact our office to discuss any of the following market solutions:
Material Handling

Global Source Solutions Inc. supports OEM manufacturers, systems integrators and conveyor manufacturers by providing the right solution, products and services to meet their material requirements.

Drawing on our domestic and international database of approved and proven suppliers, we provide a complete and cost-effective supply for the various components used by this industry.

Conveyor components for powered and gravity conveyors including commercial to precision bearings, speed reducers, drive motors and power transmission parts are some of the varied products available for your manufacturing needs.

From our conveyor manufacturers, we are able to supply both conventional and sanitary stainless steel conveyor systems.

Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Handling and Processing

We work with systems integrators, equipment manufacturers, product suppliers and processors in the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical supply industries to supply high quality, sanitary handling equipment.

Our high-quality sanitary handling equipment includes sanitary pumps, sanitary depositors and fillers; along with conveyor systems, as well as our full range of standard conveying products.

In servicing the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, our manufacturers observe strict adherence to material and sanitary design specifications.  Major items are USDA listed and FDA/CIFA approved.

OEM Manufacturers

Additionally, Global Source Solutions works with OEM manufacturers in a variety of diversified industries.  

We provide product development, sourcing and supplying of cost-effective components to meet the specific requirements of our clients.  These goods include bearings, wheels, stamped parts, custom cast metal parts and plastic injection molded pieces to mention a few.

Our experience and international contacts allow us to service these varied clients within a managed supply chain program.  Our service includes complete logistics handling to the customer's dock.

We are able to fully source and supply a wide variety of goods to efficiently and cost-effectively meet your material needs.

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