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KUS-50 Mixing Bowl Unloading Unit

The KUS-50 Mixing Bowl Unloading Unit is the ultimate solution for unloading contoured mixing bowls. This system will unload viscous icings, batters and fillings with delicate solids up to 3 quickly and cleanly with no change in consistency on most products.  The system conforms to FDA requirements and incorporates the USDA listed PI-50. Please click here for a short video presentation of the KUS-50 in service (2MB).

Increase Yields
The pump is fitted with a food grade contoured follower and wiper, which cleans the inside of the mixing bowls.

Increase Production
The KUS-50 system is capable of unloading 5,000 lbs per hour depending upon the specific gravity, viscosity and consistency of the product as well as the total dynamic head of the application.

Reduce Labor And Sanitation Costs
Provides completely sanitary hands off method of drum unloading.

Completely Safe
The KUS-50 has no exterior moving parts. Back injuries as a result of manually moving product are completely eliminated.

The KUS-50 never needs lubrication eliminating the possibility of product or plant contamination.

No Mechanical Seals
The KUS-50 has no seals or packing to replace and can run dry indefinitely without damage.

No Product Contamination
The KUS-50 never allows contaminated compressed air to come in contact with your product.

Return On Investment
As illustrated by the advantages outlined above.

Please click here to see a video of the KUS-50 in service.

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