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Drum Motors
Distributor for BDL and Werner Drum Motors

A drum motor is a motorized pulley where the body rotates around a stationary shaft. The rotating outer "drum" becomes the drive pulley which powers the conveyor belt.
In simple terms it is a highly efficient geared motor, totaly enclosed within a steel shell.
Unlike conventional drive systems, the L drum motor has no chains or V-belts to tighten or replace, no sprockets to align, clean or lubricate, no bearings to grease, and does not require chain guards.
It is a simple - yet small and powerful - integral motorized pulley that is guaranteed to power your belt conveyor for years without breakdown. The drum motor is lubricated for life and needs no oil change. The result, almost no maintenance or downtime, which means lower costs and higher productivity.

More compact, safer and cleaner...

Unlike bulky conventional drive systems that fit externally on a conveyor, the drum motor is an integral part of the conveyor and is therefore much more compact. This means the conveyor requires less floor area or overhead space.
Furthermore, all moving parts are enclosed in the drum shell, which eliminates hazardous moving parts and pinch points, along with the potential for electric shock from water in conventional motors. The drive is also much cleaner because there is no external grease or oil from chains, bearings or couplings. As a result, safety and hygene standards are improved for employees, the workplace and product.

Quiet operation...

The drum motor operates at a lower decibel, compared to the 76-80 decibels for many conventional drives using chain sprockets and / or belts. That can help you meet noise regulations and improve your overall working environment.

BDL Drum Motors

BDL has been producing drum motors for the material handling industry for more than two decades. BDL has supplied drives for just about every type of bulk and unit handling application you could think of. We know very well the importance of specifying exactly the right product for the job, otherwise things can go wrong. In order to specify the most optimum drive, you need a lot of experience and a product that is designed to be flexible and which can meet the demands of many diverse applications. The BDL product range achieves these demands through years of continuous development and improvement. The quality of the product is excellent, even down to the smallest detail. We realy do believe in our product but then we have the advantage of knowing how well it is designed and manufactured. If you havn´t tried the BDL drive yet why not give us a call and let us show you just how good it is.


  • A totally sealed drive

  • High efficiency up to 97%

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Virtually no maintenance

  • Increased safety

  • High quality

  • Reliability

  • Low noise

  • 12 months guarantee

  • Peace of mind

Because the BDL drive is a single integrated drive unit and not 10 or more separate components like a convetional drive, it can easily be fitted into new conveyor systems and dramatically reduce instalation and design time. For existing systems, the pulley can be supplied with mounting brackets where the replacemant can take less than 30 minutes.

BDL Technical Details 


Werner Motor Company

The Werner motorized pulley is the ideal drive unit for small belt conveyors. It saves valuable space by eliminating the need for external motors, gears, sprockets, bearings and bed plates. Spare parts inventory, assembly time and handling costs are also reduced.

Werner's gear wheels ensure a remarkably low noise level. The electrical motor maintains the lowest possible temperature, and retains optimal starting and operating torque.

Werner motorized pulleys are designed and manufactured with reliability and safety - no maintenance required

Our 80 mm (3.15") diameter motorized pulley is designed exclusively for more compact checkout counters.


All moving components are totally enclosed within the pulley and operate in an oil bath, ensuring constant lubrication of the gear system and cooling of the electrical motor.

Typical applications include belt conveyors for supermarket checkout counters and other small belt conveyors.

Werner Motor Technical Details

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