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Werner Motor Company

The permanent split-capacitor AC motor is designed with a low operating temperature without sacrificing starting and running torque. 

Single-phase motors are available at either 115 volts (60 Hz), or 220 volts (50Hz and 60 Hz). Other voltages and frequencies in single-phase motors are also available. Electrical stators are insulated as NEMA class B and require an externally mounted capacitor. 

All motorized pulleys are equipped with a resettable internal thermal overload fuse that will disconnect power if motor windings reach excessively high temperatures. This protection is the best safeguard available against motor failure. Motors are reversible and have a duty-cycle of 30 starts/stops per minute.

Our motors are capable of driving belts for small part conveyors

The planetary gear system, which has either two or three stages of reduction, is molded of high precision injection-molded acetal plastic to ensure the lowest possible noise level. This gear system is designed to withstand overload. Various gear combinations generate fixed belt speeds.

The motor cylinder tube has a trapezoidal crown machined for optimum belt traction and tracking, in accordance with specifications of most conveyor belt manufacturers. A coating of Rust-Ban is applied to the tube to protect it against corrosion during transportation and storage.

The motorized pulleys contain Esso NUTO H68 oil or an equivalent, which lubricates all internal moving parts to cool the electrical motor. For this reason, the the unit should be mounted horizontally. Since the belt helps to remove heat from the drive pulley, it should not normally be operated without a belt. These pulleys never require an oil change.

The Werner patented oil agitator circulates the oil to distribute heat evenly over the width of the pulley. This allows for easier belt tracking and lower belt temperatures.

Spring-loaded oil seals, running on a precision centreless ground shaft, prevent entry of dust, dirt and moisture, while preventing loss or contamination of oil. In addition, rubber-sealed ball bearings and end caps provide further protection. As a result, the unit is maintenance-free.

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