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BDL Drum Motor

The BDL drum motor, also referred to as a motorized pulley, is an advanced and highly efficient conveyor drive system where the motor, transmission and bearings are totaly enclosed within the drum shell. Power from the motor is transmitted through the gearbox which is coupled to a geared rim fixed to the drum end housing.

In the first picture to the right, you can see a fully assembled BDL drum motor, the blue unit attached to the end of the shaft is the terminal box for connecting power to the electric motor, it does not contain any moving parts. The bright steel cylinder is actualy the drum shell that houses all of the drive components which are safely sealed inside the shell and are fully protected against agressive external conditions that could easily cause a conventional drive to fail.

Looking at the next picture, you can see a cross-section of a typical BDL drum motor, clearly displaying the inner workings of the drum motor design.

The cost-effective alternative to conventional drive systems...

The BDL drum motor is priced very competitively with other drive systems especially when considering itīs unique advantages to both the system manufacturer and end user. Furthermore, the BDL drive is more efficient. For example, a conventional drive system can normally transfer between 55% and 85% of its motor power to the belt. However, the BDL drive can transfer up to 97% of itīs power to the belt and at the same time reduce energy costs by 30% or more. This means in many cases a lower power BDL motor can be specified against a conventional drive system.

There is little doubt that the BDL drive will reduce energy and maintenance costs, increase productivity and quickly pay back your initial investment cost

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